Are you tired, too? I’ve gone through so many stages of processing the   COVID-19 crisis and the resulting quarantine. At first I was anxious, afraid of what it all means. Then I was energetic, ready to take on the challenges of work and home. There was a not-so-bad stage for me, too, where I was more than happy to see the silver linings of this time. Right now, though, I’m tired. It seems strange to be tired, when we might have less to do and we’re all staying close to home. I’m still tired, though, and maybe the weariness comes because we’re all having to deny ourselves of things that give us joy, sustenance, and meaning. I’m sure many have experienced a grief stage in all this, sad over what has been cancelled or let go. Some may be angry, too, with the whole situation. We’re all different, and we all experience things in our way, but I have a feeling all of us have felt some of these things I’ve mentioned.

So, here is my pastoral word to you: be good to yourself. Find things that give you joy and build you up. There’s nothing selfish about self-care, and when you take care of yourself you not only do yourself good, but the people around you benefit, and you’re able to be of genuine help to others. As we all process this crisis uniquely, we’re all unique as well in how we care for ourselves. Find something that works for you, to encourage you and help you. Here are some things that might help: exercise, taking a walk, prayer, reading, watching a good show or movie, music, yoga, meditation, enjoying a special food, a conversation with a good friend, a relaxing bath, making art. You probably have something that isn’t on that list. Whatever it is for you, be sure not to neglect the things that may give you help in this time. We’re all unique, but we’re all alike in that we’re all challenged right now. Be sure to take care of yourself, and then we’ll be at our best for one another in this time of crisis.

Grace & peace,

Jason Jones