This week, as we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, it will look much different than in years past, with only virtual hugs, smiles, or even a Zoom meeting from our precious students. If anyone would have ever told me we would be celebrating this week like this or be ending our preschool year in this way I would have thought you were a little crazy! However, God has a plan for us all, doesn’t he?

During this time, I have to give a shout-out to my amazing teaching staff. They became virtual teachers, story tellers, science gurus, and art instructors. They attended Zoom meetings/trainings and much more, all from their homes. Homes where they are also trying to figure out how to keep their own families safe, be their own child’s teacher, make meals, keep house, and all the other important things that mothers do. They have stepped up to the plate to provide an excellent educational experience for the Hazelwood students we serve. These are some of the individuals I call heroes!!

Thank you, teachers, for providing a kind word, a virtual smile, a letter to your students, fun and engaging lessons, and all the other things you have continued to do during this unprecedented time! We could not do it without you!

Below, I have provided each teacher’s email. Please take a moment to send them a little thank you today to show we care about what they are doing. You can put “Teacher Appreciation” in the subject line so they will know it is someone from Hazelwood.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to think about them.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!”

~Angie Lopez