We’ve learned a lot over these last six months. We usually think in terms of what we’ve lost or had to give up, but it’s also true that we’ve grown and learned many things. We’ve learned the church is not the building. We haven’t met in our church building since March, but we are still a church. Sometimes I think churches are guilty of thinking the simple maintenance of a property is ministry. We’ve learned, though, we are still a church even as we haven’t met in our building.

We’ve learned how to use the tools of technology. We’ve had worship services, meetings, and Bible studies that happened online. These tools aren’t perfect, and there’s more we can learn, but we’ve learned how to use some tools that will be useful going forward. We’ve learned the value of fellowship. We miss each other! I’ve been so encouraged by the fellowship that has happened through our Zoom-based Coffee Hour and our 12 Disciples Gatherings. We’ve learned how much we value being together.

We’ve learned, too, perseverance. You have shown me perseverance in your giving, concern, and your participation, even as we’ve been apart from one another. We’ve grown in many good ways! While we may just think of what we’re missing, we have to realize we’ve also made some big strides on some important things.

Also, just a reminder that I’m doing a Wednesday night study on the book, Becoming the Anti-racist Church: Journeying Toward Wholeness. We’ll meet on Wednesday nights, through October, at 7 p.m., via Zoom. Let me know if you’d like to join us in this important study.

Grace & peace,

Jason Jones