Hazelwood has taken an incremental move forward with STAGE 1.5 where small groups of 12 or fewer can meet with masks on (except if eating) and social distancing rules are followed.

STAGE 1.5 Highlights:

  • Sunday worship will continue to be online. Tech and worship personnel are creating videos from our Sanctuary to feature on Sundays during Advent services. Livestreaming is still being perfected.
  • Church gatherings of up to 12 are allowed. Social distancing and wearing masks are mandatory. You must be symptom-free; If older than 65, or in another high-risk category, use your own judgment. These small-group activities will serve as a segue for modified on-site worship.
  • Use of the building by non-Hazelwood groups of 12 or fewer will be decided on an individual basis.
  • If you are interested in meeting in the building, please contact Stefanie at so proper scheduling and cleaning can be arranged.
  • As always, if you need to contact the church staff, you can do so by calling the church office, sending an email to, or sending an email directly to any of the office staff:

Rev. Jason: