Many of you have asked, “What are we going to do about the Christmas Box project this year?” We’ve had to rethink almost everything this year, and our yearly Christmas Box project is no different. During the summer, Michele Owen, from Beneficence Family Scholars, contacted me about partnering with them on the project. They are a newer local charity that connects local families with educational opportunities and support to overcome poverty. I quickly agreed that a partnership would be a welcome thing. This year, rather than serving many families with a basic box, we’re able to serve a few families with boxes that are tailored to their needs. I think this is a good change because it allows us to directly give to the specific needs of a few families.

You’re thinking, “Sounds good. Now how can I help?” Here are a few ways we can contribute:

  • You can contribute to the boxes in two ways:

1) You can give money so we can purchase things for the boxes. If you give a financial gift, please send it to the church with the designation of “Christmas Box Project.”

2) You can buy the specific things for the boxes. I’ll list things at the end you can purchase. Please let me or the church office know if you would like to take care of one of these individual items. We will have a drop-off box between the double glass doors of the church’s main entrance for dropping off all boxes. All gifts need to be delivered by December 15 (already wrapped would be great!).

  • You can write Christmas Cards. I would love to fill these boxes not only with gifts but with messages of goodwill from our church. You can make a card for these families and simply write, “Family 1, Family 2, and Family 3” on each card and drop them off at the drop-off at the church. All cards need to be delivered by December 15.
  • You can deliver the boxes. We’ll need delivery to three different locations, sometime between December 20 and 24. If you’d like to do one (or more) of these deliveries, please contact me.

I think this is a meaningful way to share with some families in our community in a way that will make a significant difference. Let’s make a special Christmas for these families.

Grace & peace,

Jason Jones


Here are a few specific things that can be purchased. Please let me or the church office know if you want to provide any of these items:

Family 1:

Mom: Adult coloring books (Fantasy type), Family picture frames

Clothing size 2x plus tops, pants 20, shoes 10 (need comfortable black dress flats) favorite color purple

Boy (13): Fortnite, baby Yoda, Bendy and the ink machine, Marvel heroes figures, Beyblade. Men’s size med. tops, pants size med. (no zippers, buttons), shoe size 8 men’s (no laces) Favorite color red

Girl (7): Barbie, Furreal pet, Polly Pocket, JoJo Siwa, Descendants dolls

Clothing size girls 7/8 both top/bottoms, shoe size 1. Favorite color pink/blue

General needs:  paper goods, laundry soap (free of dyes, etc.), shampoo, toothpaste

Family 2:

Girl (9): Dolls, art and craft supplies, nice skirts

Boy & Girl Toddlers: love Mickey and Minnie Mouse, dinosaurs, and need boys shoes in toddler size 10 and 3T girls pants.

General needs: Twin bedding, cooking supplies, and groceries

Family 3:

Cleaning supplies (especially for mold and mildew)

books on astronomy (teen boy)

school supplies (adult & child; journals, planners, notebooks, pens, highlighters, etc.)


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