I want to tell you all thanks for your help with the Christmas Box Project. We’re dealing with a different year and with different circumstances, and many of you asked what we would do about the yearly project. We were contacted in the summer by the director of Beneficence Family Scholars, a newer charity that connects local families with educational opportunities in order to improve their situations for the future. They asked about partnering with them on the Christmas Box Project. We were given three families and ways we could help them. You all contributed gifts, cards, and money. We collected about $1,500 in funds, which we were able to use for groceries, gifts, and a gift card for each family. Delivery of these boxes was one of my most satisfying moments this year. All of the families were so appreciative and asked me to share my thanks with you.

In the past, with the Christmas Box Project, I felt an ache in my heart for something more significant. While what we did through the project was generous, I also realized the difference in day-to-day life from our gifts was not lasting. The same could probably be said about this year’s gifts, too, but I think the difference is we are partnering with a group that is actively trying to change families’ situations with education and new opportunities. And, they are open to partnering with us on future endeavors, too. This is an opportunity for us to work alongside those honestly making a difference in our community. I believe our Christmas Boxes this year can be a seed that will grow toward more significant work together.

One of the things we heard through our Epiphany Process was the notion of “mission with” rather than “mission to.” When we practice “mission to” types of projects, it’s simply us doing something for another. While that may be significant in the moment, it can also lead to unhealthy relationships on both sides of the gift. When we practice “mission with” types of projects, we are growing in relationship and connection, and we are learning from each other. This type of mission work leads to growth, health, and life for everyone involved. I think this year’s Christmas Box Project may be an entry point into this type of mission work, and so I appreciate every gift that helped make it possible.

~Jason Jones


“Thank You!! I appreciate the Amazon and Aldi gift cards. You made it possible to get things we needed! When they opened the gifts you gave, my kids couldn’t believe their eyes. They loved the books, toys, clothes, and little girls’ things! I really appreciate the gift you gave me, too! I really loved watching the kids smile and dance around while eating yummy treats I can’t usually buy. It was so wonderful! I love it! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!”

~The Wilsons