As most of you are aware, I shared with the congregation last week that I will be, in April, beginning a ministry at Country Homes Christian Church in Spokane, Washington. My last Sunday here at Hazelwood will be Easter, April 4. I won’t repeat the letter I shared with you last week, but one thing I want to point out is the good things you have as you go forward as a church. Our natural gifts and abilities are often like our noses, they are so close to us we don’t even see them. I’ve found that people often don’t see the things they’re naturally good at, and the same is true of churches; they often aren’t able to celebrate the good things they have and do.

As I look at Hazelwood, I see some things you naturally do well. First, your financial giving is excellent. Your faithfulness to contributing to the church is very generous. Other churches I’ve been a part of would feel like they won the lottery if they had Hazelwood’s giving. Second, you are gifted musically. A pastor friend pointed out to me, after watching one of our online services, how much musical gifts we have. I hope you can see how blessed you are with musical talents. Finally, you have a group of dedicated, thoughtful leaders. I’ve appreciated so much, especially through the COVID-19 pandemic, the thoughtfulness and dedication of the leaders at Hazelwood.

There are many more things I could point out. I know in a time of pastoral transition a church can focus on what it lacks or what it hopes the next leader will bring, but I hope you’ll see the good you do have. God has blessed Hazelwood in many ways, and you’ll carry these gifts forward into the vital future I know God has for you.

Grace & peace,

Jason Jones