The Permanent Fund was created in 2009 as a way for members of Hazelwood Christian Church to expand the witness and mission of Jesus Christ in the world, and to serve human needs in our community and around the world.  It is not intended to compete with the regular annual giving of individual members, or to diminish the opportunities for responsible stewardship by present and future members.

If you are interested, gifts to the permanent fund can be made through wills, bequests, stocks, bonds, real estate, tangible property, and cash.  These funds are invested, and distributions from the earnings of the fund are used for the ministry of the Hazelwood Christian Church.  These funds are invested with the Christian Church Foundation, telephone (800) 668-8016.

Monies from this Fund are spent in the following areas: 1) current needs; 2) outreach causes; 3) property fund; 4) hands-on mission experiences; and 5) The Disciples Mission Fund.

Five members of the congregation are appointed by the Senior Minister and Moderator of the Church Board to administer the fund.  Terms of service are for three years, and are staggered among those serving.  Current members are Michelle Altobella, Jay Matchett, Dee Moser, James Reece, and John Starnes.  Pastor Jason Jones and Moderator Tony Gill are ex-officio members.