During the season of Lent, I’m asking you to pray, and it’s more than just a general commitment to prayer; I’m asking you to pray during Lent for the First Christian Church in Lafayette, Indiana. Our denominational region, The Christian Church in Indiana, is pairing churches who will pray for one another, and we’ve been paired with FCC in Lafayette. They’re praying for us in this season, and we’re praying for them. Throughout this season I’ll be encouraging you in ways you can pray for them, and in the same way their pastor, Rev. Andrew Guthrie, will be leading them in praying for our congregation. I’m asking that you pray for them in your daily prayers, for their encouragement, their ministry, and their common work in knowing and sharing the gospel.

There is another way we can share our prayers with them, and that is through a prayer video. I’d like to construct a short video of us expressing our prayers for their church. I’d like for you all to make little videos saying, “Dear First Christian Church In Lafayette, I’m praying for …” and then you can share how exactly you’re praying for them. If you have a cell phone or a computer, you most likely have the capability to make a short video like this. If you’re able to do this, please make this little prayer video and send it to me. I’ll make sure they’re all compiled together into one video, which I’ll send to them.

I love this idea of our churches praying for one another. All of us have been so isolated during this time of pandemic, but here is one way we can reach out to our sisters and brothers across the state to remind them we are in connection and covenant with them and to remind them we’re praying for them. Let’s unite our hearts in praying for the good people at First Christian Church in Lafayette as they pray for us, too.

Grace & peace,

Jason Jones


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