Since Delaware County is at the Blue level (as of this update), Hazelwood is moving forward in getting members back onsite as long as masks are worn, social distancing is practiced, and hand sanitizer is used. We will not come forward for communion quite yet. Instead, a “2-in-1” communion packet with juice and wafer will be provided. We may ask members to call the church ahead of time to let us know you’ll be attending so that worship chairs can be socially distanced and labeled according to families, “social bubbles,” and individuals.

A major part of this process is maintaining the streaming aspect of worship so that members who prefer staying at home, are confined to home, or live outside of the immediate area can continue to participate online. The goal is to have little of the service pre-taped, much like in pre-pandemic times. We will continue to have videos or presentations on the monitors since they proved useful in the past.

Tony Gill is working to get the service streamed from the church rather than from his living room. He has already met with some musicians in the sanctuary to establish correct sound levels. Since he still has full-time job responsibilities, however, Tony has time limitations. Your patience is very appreciated. The return to the sanctuary will happen sooner than later; we will let you know when that much-anticipated Sunday arrives!

COVID-19 Protection Plan Team:  Tony Gill, Jeff Heavilon (health professional), Rev. Jason Jones, Bob Weller, Ann Wolfe