As you know, every summer I go to Kenya for one of our church ministries. During the trip, I visit with different schools, an orphanage, and a women’s group. With your support, I usually provide school uniforms for those students whose families are not able to afford one, school supplies, pain relieving medicine, and sanitary pads for the older girls.

Unfortunately, last summer I did not make the trip due to COVID-19. Some of the money that had been raised for uniforms, supplies, medicine, and sanitary pads, was used to provide meals (lunches) to the students while schools were closed. Now the schools are open, and the need for school uniforms, school supplies, and sanitary pads remain. There are some funds left from last year, but they will not be enough to meet the current needs. I have spoken with the school principal, and he indicated that about 210 students need school uniforms. I will be traveling this summer to Kenya, and hopefully we will be able to assist these students to continue with their schooling.

Thank you,


We will be accepting donations to help ‘Winnie’s Kids’ in Kenya on March 28, April 4, 11, 18, & 25, and May 2. Each donation will be matched, up to a total of $1,000, from the Missions & Benevolence Sulanke Trust. Please mark all contributions ‘Winnie’s Kids,’ and be sure to make your donation separately from your regular offering to help our bookkeeper. We will present Winnie with our offering on Sunday, May 9. There are great needs in Kenya, so please prayerfully consider how you can help ‘Winnie’s Kids.’


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