“Dear Friends at Hazelwood Christian Church,

It is both in giving and receiving that we experience joy. Survivors of violent relationships find joy as they move toward eventual peace in their lives, without constant struggle for survival. They need outside support to get them through immediate crises, and then to become established in their new lives.

Those who give find joy in knowing they have helped lift others up. They do not have to know those persons, but rather, to know those persons are more at peace due to the support given. As one rises, we all rise. As one finds peace, we are all closer to a peaceful community.

You have given from your heart. We at A Better Way appreciate you, and are thankful for the privilege of connecting donors’ gifts to survivors’ successes.

Thank you so very much. We wish you joy and peace, today and always.”

~Teresa Clemmons, Executive Director, A Better Way


“Dear Hazelwood Christian Church,

Thank you for your recent contribution to the camp. Camp Bedford has served people for over a century, and we are dedicated to making sure it continues to do so for another century. Your contribution will help make this possible. Every summer, nearly 1,000 people use our camp and find the solitude its secluded, natural setting provides. We hope to reach out and share the glory of the camp with even more people who can benefit from what it has to offer. We cannot do this without support from congregations like yours.

Thank you again for your support, on behalf of myself, the Camp Revitalization Committee, and the many children who will benefit from using the camp in the future.”

~Chuck Bair, Manager, Bedford Camp and Conference Center


“Hazelwood Christian Church,

I so appreciate all that you do to support the community. Thanks very much for your generous donation to Motivate Our Minds in my honor.”

~Nancy Dollison



Through May 2, we will be accepting donations to help ‘Winnie’s Kids’ in Kenya. Each donation will be matched, up to a total of $1,000, from the Missions & Benevolence Sulanke Trust. Please mark all contributions ‘Winnie’s Kids,’ and be sure to make your donation separately from your regular offering to help our bookkeeper. We will present Winnie with our offering on Sunday, May 9. There are great needs in Kenya, so please prayerfully consider how you can help ‘Winnie’s Kids.’