The COVID-19 Protection Plan Team met recently via Zoom and decided on a few changes for on-site worship protocol:

  • Calling in to reserve a space is no longer necessary
  • Choir and Praise Band members may sing without masks as long as they exceed the 6-foot distancing requirement from each other and from the congregation
  • The congregation may sing with masks on
  • Two seats (instead of three) will be the guide for maintaining social distancing

These decisions are based on current scientific data available and on vaccination levels due to the scope of opportunities provided locally. The Team will continue to evaluate the situation in order to keep Hazelwood as safe as possible so that we may remain together in the Sanctuary for worship.

Please continue to use your own discretion in attending on-site services. The service will continue to be live-streamed on Hazelwood’s Facebook page.

Team members: Tony Gill, Jeff Heavilon (medical consultant), Bob Weller, Ann Wolfe