There’s nothing like the first spring day:

  • when a warm breeze blows
  • you hear the birds singing because the windows and doors can be open
  •  you smell grass and flowers finding their way up through the dark earth

I always want to plant things before April gives way to May. I am in a hurry before it is time for planting. There is a reason to be a patient gardener. Interim times in a church are like that. We want to get on with it. We want to hurry the process so we can get back to seeing the church “blooming” beautifully with new leadership as we are open to the new season of ministry that is possible.

Those days will come. For now, we can prepare the ground and feed the soil of ministry so that when it’s time to plant, cultivate, and see new growth emerge, we can truly enjoy the abundant fruit of our labor.

— Rev. Diane Zehr