Many of you have been asking about when we might bring back Coffee Fellowship. It was a long-held tradition on Sundays after worship, and has been sorely missed. We are happy to say, with a little help from you, Coffee Fellowship can resume soon!

In the past, our different ministry teams took turns hosting Coffee Fellowship. They set up the tables, brought goodies to share, prepared the coffee, and cleaned up afterward. Because many from our congregation are still worshiping with us virtually, and many of our ministry team members serve on multiple ministry teams, we find ourselves realizing that in order to not over-burden a smaller group of people with hosting duties, it is time to form new groups to host Coffee Fellowship.

To that end, we will have a sign-up sheet in Sulanke Commons after worship for the next few weeks. Anyone who is interested in helping with hosting duties is encouraged to sign up. From the list we receive, new teams will be formed. How often we have Coffee Fellowship will depend on the number of teams we are able to form, so we may start with the first Sunday of the month, or perhaps every other Sunday. As more teams can be added to the rotation, we will be able to work our way back to every Sunday, so please prayerfully consider volunteering.