Our first “going-forward” communion was on July 25 and was presided over by Rev. Pamela J. Pettyjohn in her inaugural Hazelwood worship service. There are several options being offered so that the fully vaccinated as well as those remaining masked are able to partake in communion:

  • some 2-in-1 packets are located immediately outside the sanctuary on the wooden table near the minister’s office
  • two stations with bread and chalice for intinction are available up front
  • two traditional trays are available up front
  • a “roving” Deacon with a traditional tray will serve people wanting to remain in their chairs

All of the communion trays include a new feature, a “doubled cup,” with a cup of juice layered on top of another cup with the wafer. For worshipers wanting the experience of going forward for communion but prefer a 2-in-1 packet, some will be available on the traditional trays as well. We continue to provide gluten-free wafers on each tray, separately packaged.

We appreciate the Deacons, Elders, and all involved that help prepare and serve communion.


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