This week, we continue our sermon series, which we started last week, Where We Came From: Old Stories for a New Day. This series draws on materials from theologian Brian McLaren, as well as others.

There is much we still may learn from these ancient scriptures passed down to us from our Jewish forebears. Sometimes it is wisdom about how we should conduct ourselves to more fully live into God’s call and vision for humanity. And sometimes these texts are cautionary in reminding us how we should NOT conduct ourselves. Often, we find that the ancient people struggled with temptations and sins we still see in our modern day.

With each week in this series, you will also find four Engage items in the bulletin to prompt you to think about the theme of the sermon throughout your week, including one item that is especially geared towards families with children. We hope you will take advantage of these invitations to engage your heart and minds, and perhaps share with others in rich discussion around these prompts.

Sunday, August 22 Sermon Title: Being Human; Scripture: Genesis 2:4-25


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