World Communion Sunday

World Communion Sunday, October 3, is a chance for Hazelwood to join with their Christian family around the world in celebrating the Lord’s Table. As a part of the Disciples of Christ denomination, we partake of communion every week, to remember the sacrifice that was made for our salvation. There are several different ways that you can help us in celebrating this year:

1. If you can speak a different language, please consider volunteering to read the Lord’s Prayer in that language. Contact Marianna by Monday, September 26. Any language is welcome!
2. We are looking for very colorful scarves or material to use to decorate the communion table. If you have something that could be used to beautify our table, please get with Marianna by Monday, September 26.
3. If you are a “world traveler” then perhaps you have an outfit that represents a country that you have visited. We are asking folks to wear those outfits on Sunday, October 3, to worship. Help us make our Sanctuary sparkle with the colors of the world.

4. If you are a baker, we are looking for volunteers to bake some international breads for a special Bread and Juice Fellowship after worship. See the article below for details.

Bread Bakers Needed For October 3

For World Communion Sunday this year, October 3rd, we are going to feature a few breads from the Middle East and Africa at a simple Bread and Juice Fellowship after worship. We have a plan to have gloved and masked servers to serve those who choose to stay for fellowship with your choice of bread(s), bread topping(s), and juice.

But we need a few people to volunteer to bake some bread! We have a recipe for an Afghan Sweet Bread, as well as a recipe for Middle Eastern Pita Bread from Palestine to share with you. Neither of these require yeast, so there’s no waiting for the dough to rise! We also have a little more complicated recipe for Challah bread from Israel, if anyone is willing to take that on.

Felix Muhiga has already volunteered to make African Biget Bread rolls for us. Won’t you join Felix in being one of our World Communion Bread Bakers?¬†If Yes, please email us in the office by clicking¬†HERE. Thank you so much in advance!!