Sprucing Our Grounds: Willing Hands Needed

To prepare the church grounds for Parlour’s outdoor event this Saturday, September 25, we need some willing hands to help clean up the flower bed on the east side of the church, in front of the red doors and porch. We know we may have to dodge some rain drops, but any help you could give any day this week would be greatly appreciated. Be forewarned…there is some poison ivy in the flower bed, especially on the north side of the bed (the side closest to Parlour). If you have any questions, please contact Marianna Gill in the church office or by clicking HERE.

Search Committee Update

The Search Committee met with Rev. Dean Phelps (interim regional minister, Kentucky) on September 1st via Zoom. He encouraged us to remain visible to the congregation with periodic updates. He also suggested to:

  • Consider a Sunday morning commissioning of the Search Committee, identifying ourselves to onsite and virtual worshipers.
  • At every opportunity, ask the congregation to be in prayer for us.
  • Share openly about the process, but remain confidential concerning people.

We are now working on the Congregational Profile. We are using already available information from the Epiphany Process (2018) and the resulting “Future Story” that put into narrative form our five-year plan (2019-2023). We want to include current input as well, involving onsite and virtual worshipers.

Search Committee members: Tony Gill, Joanna Hahn, Winnie Muhiga, Jason Ratts, Ann Wolfe

Open Nominations

The 2021 Nominating Committee has been formed and is ready to start the task of finding candidates among the active participants in the Hazelwood congregation to serve as Officers, Elders, and Deacons to our church. The list of committee members are: Shirley Bookout and Glen Sulanke (Co-Chair),  Cheryl McCoy, Marcia Miller, and Amy Stucky.
Open nominations will begin September 26 and go through October 10. If you have any questions, or would like to nominate someone from the congregation for a position, you can contact any member of the Nominating Committee.

World Communion Sunday

World Communion Sunday, October 3, is a chance for Hazelwood to join with their Christian family around the world in celebrating the Lord’s Table. As a part of the Disciples of Christ denomination, we partake of communion every week, to remember the sacrifice that was made for our salvation. There are several different ways that you can help us in celebrating this year:

1. If you can speak a different language, please consider volunteering to read the Lord’s Prayer in that language. Contact Marianna by Monday, September 26. Any language is welcome!
2. We are looking for very colorful scarves or material to use to decorate the communion table. If you have something that could be used to beautify our table, please get with Marianna by Monday, September 26.
3. If you are a “world traveler” then perhaps you have an outfit that represents a country that you have visited. We are asking folks to wear those outfits on Sunday, October 3, to worship. Help us make our Sanctuary sparkle with the colors of the world.

4. If you are a baker, we are looking for volunteers to bake some international breads for a special Bread and Juice Fellowship after worship. If you are interested in helping, please email us in the office by clicking HERE. Thank you so much in advance!!

Where do you see yourself contributing to the ministry of Hazelwood Christian?

Sometimes we fall into the habit of calling on the same people to do “all the things.” But it is VERY good to have new people and new ideas join in the various ministries this congregation carries out, and even help us imagine new ones!

Last week, we highlighted the Christian Life Team and the Epiphany Action Team. Below, you will see the highlights for a couple other active ministries here at Hazelwood. We will continue to highlight a couple different ministries in each of the upcoming newsletters in order to help everyone see the various possibilities for service and involvement. As you read through these highlights, please be thinking and praying about where God is calling you to contribute YOUR time and talent. As the old saying goes: Many hands make light work and glad hearts.

Hazelwood Community Garden Team
Current Members: Shirley Bookout, Cheryll Crose, Don Crose, Jeff Heavilon, Felix Muhiga, Jim Reece, Bill Ritchie, Ron Smith, Glen Sulanke, Ann Wolfe

This team has a variety of tasks to do at various times throughout Spring and Fall when the Hazelwood Community Garden is active. Our Preschool and Parlour have their own plot for use as well. We donate vegetables to Christian Ministries, Covenant Partners Ministries, Muncie Mission, and the Soup Kitchen. We have expanded to include our Preschool’s Butterfly Garden, in a separate location closer to the building.

Governance Guidelines Team
Current Members: Yeno Matuka, John Starnes, Glen Sulanke, Sue Weller, Ann Wolfe, Rev. Pamela J. Pettyjohn (non-voting ex-officio)

This team is updating the Governance Guidelines, the church’s document that helps explain the function of entities, procedures, and leadership of Hazelwood. The revised document will be submitted in writing to the congregation (email, website, and hard copies made available) at least three weeks before voting occurs at a business meeting of active participants.