Where do you see yourself contributing to the ministry of Hazelwood Christian?

Sometimes we fall into the habit of calling on the same people to do “all the things.” But it is VERY good to have new people and new ideas join in the various ministries this congregation carries out, and even help us imagine new ones!

Below, you will see the highlights for a couple of the active ministries here at Hazelwood. We will continue to highlight a couple different ministries in each of the upcoming newsletters in order to help everyone see the various possibilities for service and involvement. As you read through these highlights, please be thinking and praying about where God is calling you to contribute YOUR time and talent. As the old saying goes: Many hands make light work and glad hearts.

Christian Life Team
Current members: Chair Donna Dye, Denise Glasson, Mary France, Lee Anne Chambers

What this team does: They send birthday greetings to members, send sympathy cards, and make phone calls to stay in touch with those who aren’t able to come to worship. They send special cards to a caregiver or someone who has been struggling with health issues and get well cards to members who are ill or have had surgery. At church on Sunday mornings, they make a point to greet people they don’t know or someone who hasn’t been in church for some time as well as regular attendees. They are the glue that helps our members stay connected. It’s a big job, and they could always use another set of hands!

Epiphany Action Team
Current members: Tony Gill, Joanna Hahn, Rev. Pamela J. Pettyjohn (ex-officio), Ann Wolfe

What this team does: This team meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the months in which Board does not meet: February, April, June, August, October, and December. They help keep the “Future Story” initiatives on track, evaluate outcomes, and suggest alternative “chapters” to the plan. The Future Story was a result of the Epiphany Process of 2018, and the story fits into a 5-year framework. In 2023 the team will conduct a final evaluation and make sure successful initiatives have what they need to continue. They could use a couple more members to make sure our work has fresh perspective going forward!