Community Outreach Opportunity on the Hazelwood Campus

Our next door neighbors at Parlour, in the mansion, are organizing a community-wide event open to the public, on September 25th, from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. And we are excited to be partnering with them to provide some live music in the afternoon, as well as some family-friendly activities for all ages on our lawn throughout the event.

If you are willing to be part of the music group, please contact Marianna, and if you are willing to help with the family-friendly activities, please contact Rev. Pamela. So far Ann Wolfe and Shirley Bookout have volunteered to help with the family activities, but more helpers are still needed. This is a great chance to meet our community and let them know Hazelwood cares about children and families.

Additional happenings, arranged through Parlour, will be outdoor yoga and/or Pilates classes, other types of music, and vendor booths, including some food vendors.

Afghan Refugees Coming to Indiana Need Our Help

Welcoming refugees – tens of thousands of them – is something Disciples have generously done since the end of World War II. Here is information received last week from our Disciples Refugee & Immigration Ministries, a ministry of Disciples Home Missions:

The Afghan Crisis is the call of our times for a revival of U.S. resettlement, which has been one of the most effective and non-partisan ways for churches to offer hope for decades. The heartbreak of needs is likely to be lengthy, and Camp Atterbury in Johnson County is now joining a growing list of other bases who are serving as temporary transit and processing centers – offering pathways of promise for Afghan refugees.

Click HERE to see how our congregation may join with other Indiana congregations to help these beloved children of God in this time of drastic change and transition.

Rev. Dr. Sharon Stanley-Rea is our Disciples Refugee & Immigration Ministries Director and may be reached at 202-957-7826 (text or call) if you have questions after reading the information provided at the link; we also have her email address in the office.