Help Our Afghan Refugees

Can you imagine having to leave your home with only what you could carry and flying to a completely new country to start all over again? That is the situation in which many Afghans find themselves, as they have fled their homes during the recent crisis.

Disciples of Christ have a long history of helping refugees and are now partnering with Team Rubicon to help provide much-needed essential items for those coming to Camp Atterbury, which is south of Indy. There are two ways you could help this effort:

1) Make purchases for clothing and baby items from the Amazon Wish List to be sent directly to the Team Rubicon Warehouse by clicking HERE. (The address for this warehouse is not being disclosed for safety reasons.)

2) Bring feminine pads and/or baby diapers and wipes to Hazelwood, which Rev. Pamela will deliver to another Disciples minister who has permission to deliver to the warehouse. She will take donations on this Sunday, September 26, and again on Tuesday, October 5. And, if still needed, on Sunday, October 17 and Tuesday, October 26. (You may also make monetary donations which will be used to purchase these items.)

Hazelwood Angels

Thank you to the following volunteers, who served either September 15, 16, or 17 at the Christian Ministries’ Food Pantry: Cheryll Crose, Jay Matchett, Mary Ann Matchett, Dick Miller, Marcia Miller, and Elaine Wulff.