It’s been a while since we’ve had an article for Words on Worship (WOW). I thought Lent would be a good topic to cover. “Just as we set aside time to spiritually prepare for Christmas Day, it makes sense to set aside time to prepare for two of the most important days of the Christian year, Good Friday and Easter. Unlike the childlike joy associated with the season of Advent, with its eager anticipation of the precious baby Jesus, Lent is an intensely penitential time as we examine our sinful natures and return to the God we have, through our own rebelliousness, hurt time and again. Lent is also an opportunity to contemplate what our Lord really did for us on the cross – and it wasn’t pretty. But ultimately, the purpose of Lent does not stop at sadness and despair – it points us to the hope of the Resurrection and the day when every tear will be dried (Revelation 21:3). Lent offers us a time to open our hearts a little wider and understand our Lord a little deeper, so that when Good Friday and eventually Easter comes, it is not just another day at church but an opportunity to receive the overflowing of graces God has to offer.” (written by Sarah Phillips – Crosswalk.com Contributing Writer)

What does that mean for us at Hazelwood? We began Lent with our Ash Wednesday service, which focused on our mortality and the need for penitence. You may notice there is a lot of purple around the church now. Purple is the liturgical color for the season of Lent. In regards to our music, we try to avoid any songs or hymns that refer to the Lord’s resurrection or that use ‘Hallelujah’. Sarah Phillips mentions the joy that’s associated with Advent. Lent is the opposite when it comes to mood. Lent is more somber, almost melancholy, because the Lenten journey ultimately ends at the cross with the death of Christ. But we must push through the darkness of Black Friday to glimpse the Son rising on Easter Sunday.

~Marianna Gill, Worship Coordinator



Hazelwood is blessed with such a beautiful property, and it takes all of us to keep it at its best! Join us Saturday, April 6, from 9 a.m.-Noon, for the first Property Work Day of 2019. We’ll meet in Sulanke Commons before we start assigning tasks.

ALL are encouraged to participate as we shake off winter in anticipation of the spring season and all of the wonderful activities it brings to Hazelwood: Palm Sunday, the annual Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Sunday, Preschool Sunday, and so much more! Sign up in Sulanke Commons after worship to let us know you’d like to help.

Everybody is needed! There are many things to be accomplished to get our church and grounds ready to welcome all during these exciting upcoming church and community events!



Jeane Garrett will celebrate her 90th birthday on Sunday, March 24. She is not able to be at Hazelwood for worship as often as she used to be, so we would like to help her celebrate her big day with a card shower! You can participate by sending a birthday card to Jeane.  Just imagine the smile on Jeane’s face when she sees so many birthday wishes from her Hazelwood family!



I’ve said it before, sometimes the name says it all, and Soup & Study is just what you’d expect it to be. During Lent we’ll gather for Soup and for Study. At         5:30 p.m. on four Sundays (March 17, March 24, March 31, and April 7), we’ll share in this special season of Lent through fellowship around some bowls of soup, and then we’ll have a time of study.

Our focus for study will be Frank Rogers Jr.’s book, Practicing Compassion. We usually believe compassion to be a positive thing, but we often lack a means to get it, and this book shows us a path. I’ve found Soup & Study be a unique way to gather for both fellowship and renewal as we journey through this special season. We need folks to make soup for each evening, so if you’d like to share some soup please sign up on Sunday after worship. If you’d like to attend Soup & Study, please sign up, too, so we’ll have an idea of how many will attend. Books are $14 if you’d like one, but it isn’t necessary to have the book to attend.

~Jason Jones




We begin the season of Lent on Wednesday, March 6 with our Ash Wednesday Service at 7 p.m. in the Sanctuary. The Ashes we receive are a sign of our mortality and repentance, and a marker of our desire to return to God with whole hearts.


Pull up a chair as we enjoy a bowl of soup and delve into Practicing Compassion by Frank Rogers Jr. at 5:30 p.m. on March 17, 24, 31, and April 7 in Cartwright Hall.


Join us for a Procession of Palms and Worship service on Sunday, April 14 at     10 a.m. in the Sanctuary as we celebrate Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem.


Enjoy a light supper on Thursday, April 18 at 6 p.m. as we come together in fellowship in Cartwright Hall. At 7 p.m., we will move to the Sanctuary for worship and communion in memory of Jesus’ Last Supper with his disciples.

If you would like to volunteer to help with the meal, please contact Stefanie in the church office.


The Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Hazelwood is Saturday, April 20! Kids up to Grade 5 will meet in Sulanke Commons at 10 a.m. to search for those elusive Easter Eggs filled with candy.

If you would like to donate candy, or volunteer to help stuff Easter Eggs, contact Rev. Jason in the church office.


He Has Risen!

Join us in Worship on Sunday, April 21 at  10 a.m. in the Sanctuary as we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.

Youth that complete the Inquirers’ Class will be baptized during the service.



Daylight Savings Time begins at 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 10. Remember to turn your clock forward 1 hour on Saturday night before you go to bed!



There is nothing more precious than holding an infant as they smile and coo at you, or rock them as they sleep. Our new infant room is growing very quickly and we are looking for some very valuable volunteers to hold and rock our smallest little students. If you like holding babies and rocking them, then we have an opportunity for you! If you have an extra hour to spare and want to use your time serving in a very important ministry, please contact Angie Lopez at 284-2430 to receive more information.



“Serving Christ with our community through service and relationships.”

We have a worthwhile opportunity to put Hazelwood’s new mission statement into action! North View Elementary school is striving to raise its F accountability grade, and the principal there is thrilled to have Hazelwood members listen to a child practice read, help a kiddo with double-digit addition, or be the occasional “extra adult” in a classroom. There are opportunities during the school day, after school, and during various evening events. If you are not able to visit the school, the principal says teachers always need help getting props and manipulatives ready, a task that can be done at home.

Several of you have already expressed interest. Thank you! Please return the pink Volunteer Information Form to me soon. Anyone helping with school children needs to fill out this form for a background check. There is no expense involved to you or to Hazelwood.

Please let me know if you want to be part of this North View partnership, and I will be glad to get you started.

~Ann Wolfe




“Dear Hazelwood Christian Church,

On behalf of the residents of the Whitely Community, volunteers, and our board members, I would like to thank you for your 2018 donation of $250 to the Whitely Community Council.

Your gift will help continue the fight against food insecurities that are a daily struggle for many of our residents. The distribution of nutritious food is a vital and important part of what we do to fight hunger, but it is not the only tool we use. Through education, communication, and partnerships with other like-minded organizations, we have created unique relationships that will continue the fight against poverty and the effects it has on communities.

We can not thank you enough for your generosity, but we can guarantee that your donation will be used in the most responsible way, bringing relief to families and creating pathways to sustainability.

Sincerely,” ~Ken Hudson, Executive Director, Whitely Community Council

“Dear friends,

Thank you for your participation in Muncie Mission’s 15th annual Walk-A-Mile in My Shoes fundraiser. We are thankful for this event which raises the awareness of the plight of the homeless and provides funding for the Mission to be able to minister in a positive and loving way. Thank you for your help in making it a tremendous success. When YOU GIVE….WE GIVE. Thank you so much.

Sincerely,” ~Frank Baldwin, Executive Director, Muncie Mission



Thanks to the following volunteers who helped with Christian Ministries’ Food Pantry on either February 27, 28, or March 1: Dick & Marcia Miller, Pat Patterson, Jim & Nancy Reece, Carol Schussler, and Glen Sulanke.



Whether you are new to Hazelwood or a youth interested in baptism, our Inquirers Class is open to all who want to learn more about the Disciples of Christ and Hazelwood Christian Church. We are planning to start a class during the Lent season to explore the basics of our faith and what it means to be a member of Hazelwood. Please contact Rev. Jason if you are interested.