Outreach Ministries

We have various outreach efforts, including:

Strength as Our Refuge orphan care micro-financing – Kenya

  • Strength as Our Refuge is a grass roots effort of six women in their seventies who provide an adoptive home to fifty-six children orphaned through disease.

Moi Preschool, Shivembe Primary, Khayega Primary – Kenya

  • Provision of school uniforms allowing all children in district to attend school.  Though education is free, without uniforms children would be turned away.
  • Provision of school supplies and medicine.  Basic pain reliever and malarial medications have helped keep children healthy and in class.  Both the district’s daily attendance and standardized test scores have dramatically increased!

Disciples Mission Fund

  • More than 75 ministries receive support through Disciples Mission Fund. More than 2,500 congregations allow these ministries (seminaries, new church starts, youth church camps, missionaries and more) to touch the smallest of communities in the U.S. and Canada and reach to every corner of the globe.

Brite Divinity, Texas Christian University, Christian Theological Seminary (Indianapolis).

Week of Compassion Worldwide Outreach Support

  • Providing immediate outreach to areas devastated by political unrest, famine and natural disaster, refugee resettlement and other sources of emergency outreach.

Christian Ministries of Delaware County

  • Ecumenical agency providing emergency assistance, shelter, food and clothing for those in need.

A Better Way


  • Community center created by Mary Dolleson providing after school programs of tutoring, coaching and activities.

Buley Center

  • Muncie Community Organization providing education and activity and training.

C.R.O.P. Walk

Coats vs. Cold

Christmas Boxes Project

  • Providing local families with weeks of food and toys for Christmas.

Habitat for Humanity

Second Harvest Food Bank

Indiana Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

  • Youth Ministries, Women’s Ministries, Men’s Ministries

Annual Mission Trip

  • Teens and adults combining to make a difference!

Mental Health of America

  • Holiday gifts with messages of scripture and support for those who receive neither elsewhere.

Muncie Mission

  • Walk-A-Mile
  • Attic Window Resale Shop